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Brooks Roberts, PT, MSR 

Owner & Creator of Balance Physical Therapy and Wellness

Vestibular and Balance Specialist

“I believe being a Physical Therapist is so much more than treating a diagnosis. It is the art of learning and understanding the needs of each patient, creating an individualized plan of care to help restore their function and guide them on a path towards a better quality of life.


Rehabilitation is even more powerful when you treat the whole person versus the disease itself and having the opportunity to provide one-on-one care allows me to see much better results with my patients. I am extremely passionate about my work and feel rewarded each day that I am able to make an impact in someone’s life by increasing their health and well-being.“ 


Balance Physical Therapy & Wellness is an outpatient Physical Therapy clinic focused on treating vestibular and balance related disorders.


Located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, we specialize in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo, balance and vestibular disorders, neurological dysfunctions as well as gait/mobility problems within a beautiful, private clinic space.

We gladly accept insurance plans with a provider referral. 


Brooks Roberts, PT, MSR, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of SC and earned a Masters in Physical Therapy from the Medical University of SC in 2004.


She became a Vestibular specialist after successfully completing the Vestibular Competency program through post-graduate training at Emory University to focus her practice on treating patients with dizziness and balance disorders. She is additionally a Certified LSVT BIG Therapist for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.  


She comes with more than 18 years of experience in the treatment of patients with neurological dysfunctions, vestibular disorders, dizziness and balance deficits, as well as orthopedic problems, working in numerous physical therapy settings, including hospitals and outpatient settings, private practice, assisted living and corporate-owned practices.


Her dedication and passion led her to start her own practice, Balance Physical Therapy and Wellness, focused on treating patients with vestibular and balance disorders while providing individualized one on one care.  


She has a special interest in fall prevention which is extremely important with the aging population.  She has developed a Balance Program to address those individuals with an increased fall risk.  


In her spare time she enjoys paddle boarding, the beach, and spending time with her husband and three children.   

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