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What to Expect

COVID-19 Update: Our reopening plan follows all health and safety regulations to ensure a safe environment for all new and returning patients.

We provide a caring approach in a private, calming and welcoming atmosphere.

  • A thorough evaluation and assessment of vestibular function, balance, strength, mobility and gait.

  • A one-on-one, customized treatment plan that works with lifestyle, treatment goals and specific conditions.

Ready to schedule an appointment? See below on what you can expect from Balance Physical Therapy and Wellness. 

  • Obtaining a detailed history of the problem and how it is impacting your daily life.

  • A comprehensive functional assessment of the vestibular and balance systems.

  • A tailored exercise program targeted to your specific goals and education about your vestibular and/or balance dysfunction in addition to advice to help you manage the condition.

  • Coordinating with your medical and other allied health professionals for further testing and/or treatment when required.

  • Individualized plan of care and ongoing support to monitor your progress including updates to your home exercise program accordingly to ensure your goals are being achieved.

  • Balance confidence with better mobility to get back to the activities you enjoy.



 Call 843-969-2201 to learn more about how we can help you.

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